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Saturday Night Live’s take on ObamaCare

Well, I determined that Jon was sleeping too soundly last night and barked until he woke up to let me go out. While he was waiting on me, apparently he turned on SNL, and here’s what I saw when I got back in the house:

How To Sign Up For Obamacare (Kathleen Sebelius… by IdolxMuzic

I’m starting to think that this ObamaCare thing isn’t going away for a while.

“Car Ride!”

Yesterday, Nancy had to go to Boston for a class, and I bugged Jon to take me along.
As you may-or-may-not know, all us Doodles LOVE A CAR RIDE!
So, after dropping “The Boss” off, Jon and I parked the car and I rode in my first elevator (wow… an interesting experience…), we headed over to the Boston Public Gardens.
The flowers were still in bloom:
You could tell that the Red Sox are in the World Series; a lot of people wore BoSox caps and sweatshirts. Even the statue of George Washington was suitably attired.
We ended up walking over most of Back Bay, stopping at The Wired Puppy (http://www.wiredpuppy.com/) for a muffin. I almost got into a fight with another dog, but Jon pulled me away. In respective, I probably ought to thank Jon… the other dog was a pretty mean-looking dude. Anyway, we went outside, where I ensured that any crumbs falling to the ground were gobbled up before the birds could get to them.

A great day to be a dog!

OK, boss, time to back off the edge of the cliff

Jon, you know I love you man, but you’ve GOT to take a chill pill. Yes, we’ve been lied to by Congress and THE BIG BOSS himself. But this is nothing new, and you can’t really impact their decisions or behavior with your rants on ObamaCare, Immigration, Global Warming (aka “Climate Change”), the state of Education in the United States, or our national debt.

May I recommend that you take advice from the Canine Community?

Your pal,