On the subject of “cats”

"A note from Max"

“A note from Max”

I ‘spose that I ought to address the fact that there are other members of the household besides Jon and Nancy.  To wit, there are three residents that sometimes provide me with entertainment, but mostly are just hair-dropping fleabags otherwise known as “cats”.

[There’s also Milo, my fellow canine compatriot, but I’ll discuss him on another post.  He’s cool.]


The oldest cat is Ben, the Tiger Tabby.  He’s the Killer in the bunch, and periodically brings whole or partially-consumed animal parts back to the house for praise and inspection.  I like to chase him.  He used to be Big Man on Campus.  Until Me-Mo showed up.

You can tell from his picture that he’s a BAD-ASSED-KITTY.  He actually has what Jon calls a “hiss from Hell”, and scares the bejeebers out of me.  It’s my opinion that he’s sold his soul to the Devil.

Z-Cat, on the other hand, is generally the most easy-going of the trio.


I have, however, found him engaged in donnybrooks with the other felines.  If I can get the jump on him he startles and “the chase is ON!”

Bottom Line?  I don’t know why Jon insists on having cats around.  I’m beginning to believe that he’s got some dark, disturbing elements of his personality.  Having cats around just isn’t natural.

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