One thought on “On Immigration: “Code Words”

  1. This cartoon is from, what, 2008? And not much has changed.

    The “race card” influences all open discussions, and Conservatives are immediately put into a defensive posture. And yet, they know from history that opening the gates to citizenship for people who fall into the lowest 10 percent of the population are the most likely to leverage Entitlement programs… becoming a drain on existing programs and creating demand for an increase in the scope of Government.

    Yet, undeniably, our economy depends upon immigration to inject new blood into the society and economy. A comparison of how Australia and New Zealand approach immigration might shed some light on a more sane immigration policy. In those countries, applicants must meet education and skill requirements; unskilled labor is not highly-valued.

    My guess is that the Republicans will cave to liberal pressure… again. “Sanity” doesn’t appear to be a winning strategy for the Elephant Brigade.


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