Site Rules

Some “rules of the road”:

  1. Courtesy at all times is expected. Everyone, regardless of your age, is expected to act as an adult.
  2. You’re free to point out the defects (mental and otherwise) in someone’s philosophy, opinions, biases, etc.  Please, however, focus on the facts and logic.
  3. And, speaking of facts, “facts may be challenged”.  Just because you believe that the hockey-stick of anthropogenic global warming was discovered on three clay tablets, don’t be surprised if I point out that there’s been some data fudging along the way.
  4. If you have to resort to profanity, you’ve already lost the argument and your post will be deleted.
  5. Perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT RULE:  you may make fun of me, but don’t make fun of Max… he’s a gentle soul, and his feelings would be hurt.

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